Ghostly International‘s Shigeto just released a new track that embodies the post-election blues. Pianos drift seemingly aimlessly but there’s a destination in mind. We just can’t quite see it yet. So, we ask ourselves, “What are we made of?” and the answer begins to shed light on our collective goal.

Props to Shigeto for donating proceeds to a cause like our boy Kevin Morby did recently. This track raises funds for Planned Parenthood, a vital organization for women’s health around the globe.

Check out Shigeto’s message below and listen to the track.

“This song was finished on November 8th, 2016 with the intention of using it for my next record. I sampled an inspiration to me, Detroit artist, Tyree Guyton speaking at an event a couple months ago and used it in the intro because it spoke to me.
On the morning of November 10th a light went off in my head and realized the song had to be let go.

No matter how I feel or what I’m thinking about the 2016 election.
No matter who I voted for or even if I voted at all…

I’m thinking about what I’m made of right now.
I’m thinking about what we all are made of right now, what the world is made of right now.
I’m thinking about who I want to be and how I want to play my small part in this world right now.

This song and message comes from a place of love.”